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Rum Support Project Leaflet Published

A leaflet explaining the CARIFORUM Rum Support Project has now been published in both English and Spanish.  They can be viewed and/or downloaded here: Project leaflet spanish Project Leaflet English

WIRSPA adopts Code of Practice

WIRSPA has adopted a written Code of Practice to govern and promote the responsible advertising and marketing of spirits drinks by its members. It may be downloaded here: WIRSPA Code of Practice

Rum and the ACP Caribbean

Download a pdf copy here: RUM AND THE ACP CARIBBEAN final The Caribbean Sea covers over a million square miles and is home to a vast array of different cultures and languages representing all continents of the globe. Rum has played a significant role in the economic and social development of the Caribbean and Authentic Caribbean […]

Rum Guide – the Book of Discovery

Authentic Caribbean Rum is unique. No other spirit can boast such a rich and diverse heritage. Authentic Caribbean Rums are the product of a craft developed and refined over centuries and of a history entwined with trade and steeped with the spirit of discovery. The unrivalled range of Authentic Caribbean Rums available today, each with […]

ACR Rum – Unlocking the Potential

Rum is experiencing a global renaissance. Perhaps this isn’t surprising as it may confidently lay claim to being the most prolific and most variable of all of the world’s spirits.  Defying all attempts at generalisation, rum, unlike many other spirits, really can be seen as a drink with a global footprint and a worldwide audience. […]