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The European Union

The caribbean Forum of ACP States CARIFORUM European Union


WIRSPA is currently implementing the 2012 - 2016 CARIFORUM Rum Sector Support project. This project has two main components:

  • A marketing and communications campaign for the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque which will be implemented through an international service contract.
  • Promoting technical collaboration, quality and best practice amongst eligible producers as well as supporting and developing the ACR Marque.

In 2010, WIRSPA completed the implementation of a major EU funded project to modernise and revitalise the rum industry in the ACP Caribbean. This was the first time that a private sector organisation had been given the responsibility for managing such a large EU funded Programme.

The Programme provided co-financing for upgrading projects, technical expertise and specialised services to the ACP Caribbean rum sector and has stimulated investment of some €108 million by individual producers, of which around €40 million was co-financed by the EU, with producers putting up the remainder.

The objective of the Programme was to support:

  • the upgrading and modernisation of rum production
  • the improvement of waste management and environmental protection
  • the technical and Management training
  • the marketing and distribution of value-added rums
  • the creation of a Caribbean Rum Marque
  • the strengthening and deepening of the industry association

Total funding provided by the EU was €58 million with co-funding of €65 million from the sector to include support for the investments outlined above, expansion of the industry association, development of an identifying ‘marque’ for products from the region and a marketing campaign to support it.